Colin Faver 28.02.1997

28.02.1997 Colin Faver


Für einen kleinen Text zu Colin habe ich herangezogen:


British techno/tech house radio/club DJ.

Born: 24 December 1951 in London, England, UK.
Died: 5 September 2015 in place unknown (aged 63).

Faver’s musical career began when he started working in the Small Wonder record shop in London. When the shop launched a punk label of the same name, Faver scouted potential signings including The Cure, and Bauhaus, whilst also designing most of the label artwork. He then began DJing in punk clubs such as The Marquee, Vortex, The Roxy and Speakeasy. Entering into a partnership with Kevin Millin, he formed a company called Final Solution, in order to put on their own events, gigs and club nights. In 1982 he became resident at the Camden Palace, where he would stay until 1988.

With the rise of house music he became resident at Asylum and Pyramid, whilst also promoting a night at the WAG club, and having a residency at The Rex in Paris. When Millin set up the Rage night, he hired Faver as resident DJ, alongside Fabio & Grooverider. After Rage closed Faver began co-promoting his own techno night, Knowledge, this time teaming-up with Jane Howard. During this time, he also promoted Deep Space, and Submerge, as well as continuing with his long-running Kiss FM show. Faver was also co-founder of the now defunct label Rabbit City Records in 1991, with Gordon Matthewman.


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